My Novel Journey

In the cool darkness of a city park we played a live roll playing game with a diverse group of friends. I played a character, not unlike myself, and it was entertaining. I went home one night, after a crazy night of running around and playing vampires and werewolves, and wrote a story. I put it away in a journal. Sixteen years later I found it and re`read it, loved it and begn to write my book. Come to find out, this book was laying dorment in my head and as soon as I started writing the many stories, poetry I had been writing all along began to make sense.

This adventure has taken five years, I wasn’t sure how long it would take or an arduous journey it would become. This novel has many twists and turns that I lovingly have entwined into a deep, dark and daunting story many may find close to their heart and spirit.

I was supposed to have a publishing company publish my book and I was elated,then they began to shut down, steal our money and there wasn’t much we could do. Our lawsuit will be in litigation for years. On the positive side they hadn’t edited or even began to publish my book and I was able to still publish without changing it completely.

It is a difficult road to write a book and even more difficult a book which the content isn’t what the publishing houses are looking for. Yet, no matter the journey happens as it should, the road is curvy and up and down hills. Gradually, the road becomes smooth and easier to travel. Becoming emblazoned with the aspirations and dreams of becoming a published author.

The publishing date draws near and the feelings of rejection return. Yet now the end is co close to where my story will be presented to the world I cannot turn back. Also, being a series of books this is actually just the beginning and that is never ending daydream I long to always be watching loving this life of storytelling.



A window, where beyond the world is only a space of darkness

I know of what seems , yet I can only wish for what is not to occur

The shadowed hateful dreams cloudy masses of thoughts swirl

I float above an ocean of madness, angry words portray heartbeats pounding–

Hurts my chest!

A dust cloud of of misery to kill me, doing Its best

I close my eyes and to a rhythm I think of only you

So beautiful you are so full of love

Im in peak confusion, delusion invades my soul

It departs!

A piercing has befallen my spirit

Like a stinging dart that arouses clouds of ecstasy

Just lie and sleep, close your eyes

Yet they stay awake!

I open my arms to feel you in them

You are gone and in my hallucination

I finally clise my eyes, my body shivering from the lonely cold

That can be only warmed, by your grasping hold.

-Gwynalyn True-





The Withinn

  • Within the spirit of the wind

Lies the within as far flies!

Where does the force fall unto Earth?

It falls slowly clearly unseen

Calmly waiting abiding time

A wait that could seem forever

Yet to seem as if a day

A whole day long enough to realize

Tomorrow becomes yesterday

Yesterday becomes the past

A past to remember, learn from

Not dwell upon, don’t forget to learn

Look ahead seeing eyes blink

Blink as a flash, it is gone

Follow your heart’s desire; listen

Listen, a song’s beat drumming tune

Live, really live make it so…

Make this happen; don’t delay, live for today

Delaying this to tomortow, may soon be yesterday

Yesterday may soon become the past

Excuses are negative voices

Voices causing broken dreams

Dreams that once brought hope

Hope is only what once was

Now just a lingering memory

Memories to fly within the wind

In-between what has happened

Happen in that space where time lingers

Lingering gently waiting patiently

To be moved to the within or to be forgotten

Never forget or to be lost to the skies

Deep endless blue space where energy all begins

Disappearing, float high then dissipates

Never seen again, fathomless

Fathoms deep to where it doesn’t end

Melding together born again…